Update 3/6/16 -3/3/16 URGENT!!!! Dog In Miami Dade Florida Shelter for Three Weeks With Broken Leg . In Danger of Being Killed for a Broken Leg. Even Though He is Sweet and Friendly! Come on Some One Go Get This Precious Dog and Fix His Leg! Watch Video. Needs Foster, Rescue, Adopter Donations To Save Life ASAP! It Says He Was Hit By Car.

3/6/16- According to Dogs in Danger Tobby was adopted!!!!

 Update 3/6/16 According to Dogs in Danger Tobby was Adopted!!!! Rescued.
 The rescue has started a campaign to raise money to fix his leg.


From Dogs in Danger

"Poor Tobby has been waiting 3 weeks in the shelter with a broken leg! Despite his painful injury, volunteers describe him as sweet and friendly. He is urgent and in danger of being killed unless someone comes forward to save him. A heartbreaking video of Tobby can be found with his description here


Tobby is at Miami Dade Animal Services in Florida. His ID number is A1759472. Please don't turn your back on him. Sometimes, the only thing between life and death is You. "

 I am not going to go on a rant here. I just don't get how shelters let a dog suffer like this when fixing a broken leg is often not a big deal. Do you get it?

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