10/08/15 "Foster Dogs and Cats on Deathrow. NYC Super Urgent Dogs and Cats on TO BE DESTROYED list. "Please only contact Help Desk if you are interested in adopting or fostering."

Help Desk contact info on link

Can you imagine being on a TO BE DESTROYED LIST?  I hate that title but it is what it is. That is what happens to many shelter dogs and cats for many reasons. If you live in NYC ( check out foster and adopter rules- I think that you can adopt if you are from the northeast) Please help a dog or cat who is about to be "DESTROYED." Save a waggy tail life or a  meower that only wants love and safety. Human beings can do so much more for these animals than take their lives. Open your home to a dog or cat that truly needs you.

"Urgent Pets on Death Row (Urgent) is an all-volunteer, 501c3 charity, created in 2010, to advocate for the thousands of adoptable dogs and cats that are needlessly killed each year by Animal Care & Control of New York City (ACC). Urgent was created to help advocate for NYC’s Death Row dogs and cats."


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