Update- One Dead Cat- Euthed by Shelter *1/23/15 Calico Cat, Tabby with Unusual Markings, Fluffy Maine Coon Cat, Tortie Cat, Black Already Neutered Cat and Others URGENT Kill Shelter Rome Georgia. Please Adopt, Rescue, Sponsor. These Cats Need the Generosity of Strangers To Give Them Life Not the Euth the Cat Needle.

Networking Group for Urgent Cats Floyd County AC, Rome Georgia

Dead, Killed at Shelter- Wasn't  This Cat Being Networked and Had Some Pledges?
 Unfortunately for some reason this didn't matter. RIP



 * According to update at FB Networking Group the black cat I posted 2 pics of is dead. They say euthed because dead sounds so awful. I think they call euth a euphemisim. Not sure why cat was euthed. Maybe they had no more room. Quite the reason to take a life! Anyways please adopt foster or rescue so more cats will not be dead,  euthed soon. And if you were interested in this kitty, I would say call and check to make sure he was killed , oh I mean euthed. Sorry about the snarkiness but honestly we are such a sick culture the way we  not all of us) devalue the lives of animals.


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