1/14/15 Last Hours on Earth for These Shelter Dog Orange County Animal Services. Animals That Need Rescue Florida

It is sad to see the faces of dogs and cats that are scheduled to die on either euth day or when there is no more room at the shelter or pound. I always think what a horrible thing it is to kill any animal especially a healthy or treatable dog or cat who is filled with life. How can anyone take part in euthing these animals especially the ones who wag their tales and look at you with a longing for love and life or the  ones that  have to literally be dragged to the "kill" room? Do they know what is about to happen ? Are they fighting for their lives? It is truly a despicable thing to do. The people who do the euthing mostly do it with good intentions.  It is not their fault. It is the city or state shelters where there is not enough funding and the people who use animals for profit and then dump them or owners who do not spay and neuter who imo are part of the reason many animals are euthed. Please look at the faces of these dogs and save a life if you can.  These animals' lives are valuable and important, no matter what the throw away mentality of many people think. This attitude is not only seen in overcrowded  animal shelters but n other areas of our culture. Please value the lives of shelter dogs and cats and the lives of every living creature whether two footed or four.


Animals That Need Rescue
If you are a rescue partner, and can help any of them, please send in hold ASAP to all three of the below OCAS employees:
rescue.coordinator@...     (at    ocfl.net)
jacqueline.nanni@...          (at    ocfl.net)
diane.summers@...             (at    ocfl.net)

If you are not a rescue partner, please become one!  
Orange County Animal Services (OCAS)
2769 Conroy Rd., Orlando, FL.
The phone number is: (407) 254 -9140"


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