9/5/13 I know this is a dog and cat rescue blog but there are Deathrow Horses (mothers and babies included) sold for slaughter who if you are a horse lover need your help. Wild Horses live in groups, they have a family system. Read about helicopter Round Ups and more. The Fish & Wildlife Service maybe Breaking the Law. Read link "Feds Gear Up Again to Send Wild Horses to Slaughter Pipeline" from American Wildhorse Preservation

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Feds Gear Up Again to Send Wild Horses to Slaughter Pipeline
The Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) intends to roundup 400 horses from the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge on the Oregon/Nevada border beginning this coming Monday, September 9. The horses will then be turned over to  "adoption agents," including Stan Palmer and J&S Associates.
According to a FWS' own investigation, Palmer and J&S cannot account for the whereabouts of as many as 202 of the 262 horses received under a previous contract with FWS to "adopt out" Sheldon horses. In fact, one Alabama man who Palmer "adopted" horses to admitted to selling “a bunch” at a livestock auction. The FWS investigation also raised questions about J&S' care for horses in its possession. Yet FWS officials intend to pay Palmer to take at least 90 more Sheldon horses, knowing that many of these cherished animals will enter the slaughter pipeline, despite the Obama Administration's public position against horse slaughter.
We have just a few days to make our voices heard!"



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