7/3/13 Two Dogs JELLY Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)/Border Collie Mix: JOEY Shepherd/Labrador Retriever Mix: Heath OH Schedule to Die 7/5. Save Their Live. All Pull Fees Paid."Licking Shelter is full E date is set for Friday July 5th So please look at these dogs and save them...It has been a long time since Licking has been full all nice dogs and just want another chance at a good life.."

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CONTACT:  shelleymmc@aol.com (AT AOL.COM)

Please let us know asap if you can add any of these 
dogs to our transport!!!!!   complete info below & euth 
date is 7/5......   pull fee's are sponsored for all of them!!!!! 
 and if you can't take until next week, let us know that
 too - we will try to figure something out to hold them!!!




310~ JELLY

Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)/Border Collie Mix: 

An adoptable dog in Heath, OH

"Jelly" (#310) has such a striking appearance! Sure to catch your eye! 
A female/Heeler-Border Collie mix--- she's a smart one!  Social and a
 friendly companion! Come meet her!(she met 'Peanut Butter' traveling 
around town, not sure if they are long time pals or just fast friends from
 the streets)   This girl is about 2 years old.53#


Shepherd/Labrador Retriever Mix: 

An adoptable dog in Heath, OH

"Joey" (#316) is a male/Shepherd-Lab Mix. 
What an incredibly kind and gentle soul he is!!! 
GREAT on a leash! Loving! He will love you forever! 
Come meet this amazing boy!
Approx 7 yrs old and he does have some tumors 
on his face and belly...He is so sweet though

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