5/13/13 Dogs in Danger Dedicated Only to Urgent Shelter Dogs Scheduled for Euthanasia Need Writers, Columnist and Contributing Editors.

"Dear friend of DogsInDanger,

Here's a surprise, it's not about money this time! As you may know by now, DogsInDanger has launched a politically active sister organization AnimalsVote.org! We just completed our first membership drive and have built a truly interactive and informational web site.

Our web site is a meeting place of thoughts, ideas and news all centering around the animal question in America. Our web traffic has been peaking each day with thousands of people coming daily to AnimalsVote.org to keep informed.

With this email we are seeking WRITERS, columnists and contributing editors for the web site. If you have journalism experience, have been published before or just have an inner voice seeking an outlet we invite you to fill our application at http://www.animalsvote.org/invitation.

As well, AnimalsVote has meticulously been building a volunteer ground force structure in every state. This field force will be key in upcoming political efforts to impact legislation. We call them our State Leads.

With this email we also are seeking State Leads to join our already proven team in place. If you have a minimum of 5-10 hours per week and believe, as we do, that only through political activism can a solution to the animal equation ever be found, then please fill out the application at http://www.animalsvote.org/stateLeadForm2.jsp. Only serious, DOERS need apply!

DogsInDanger has helped save over 70,000 dogs from death but has been unable top help the 11,000,000 that were killed over that span. Please join us in framing a just solution for our pet friends that will complete the task.

Wishing you all the best on this Mothers Day.
Alex & Brenda

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