February 18, 2013 Taylor County Humane Society in Grafton WV is seeking rescue help for dogs and cats. Adopt, Rescue, Foster. This is a KILL SHELTER. LOW Adoption Rate in Area, Very Rescue Friendly. Please Save The Life of A Wonderful Dog or Cat

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Taylor County Humane Society in Grafton WV
 is seeking rescue help.
Rescue contact (name/email):
 Christine / tchsdoginfo@aol.com (aol.com)
Transport is available to the northeast.

About us: TCHS takes care of the dogs that come
in to the county dog pound which is a kill shelter.
We are very rescue friendly and work very hard
 so no adoptable dogs get euthanized. All dogs
are vaccinated on intake to the shelter and we
 do behavior assessments. We have a very low adoption
 rate in our area so we rely on rescues
 to save the majority
 of the dogs that come in to the pound.

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Taylor-County-Humane-Society/102145126520167?ref=ts&fref=ts http://www.taylorcountyhumanesocietywv.org/

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