12/29/12 Pit/hound,hound/border collie, pit mix,4 year old spayed female chow/shepherd/hound mix, hound boxer mix, american bulldog, 4 year old spayed female chow/shepherd/hound mix. and others.Charleston, WV: Rescues desperately needed for remaining dogs Tail Wagging, Well Behaved, Loving, Playful Many Good Family Dogs Dogs at KILL SHELTER-- fos '' Time Running Out For Dogs. Please Save A Life or Lives!

Fri Dec 28, 2012 8:24 pm (PST) .

The shelter has fosters lined up for 30 day quarantine
 for these dogs
 -- they desperately need to move them out so
 they can clean the
shelter. The shelter did have an outbreak of distemper
 and it's impossible
 to say which dogs have or haven't been exposed,
but the 30 day
quarantine should make them safe for transport
when they complete it.

If you can help, please
 email dogblesswv@hotmail.com (@hotmail.com).
They are trying so hard to save as many
 as they can but they need
 rescue help badly.


ID 744
Hoppy is a cute 1 year old male pit/hound mix.
He is about 40-45 lbs.
This boy is super friendly! He is sweet and
 loves to be 
petted 24/7!
Hoppy is outgoing and adores everyone he meets! He
 would make a great family dog! :)

ID 918
Sweetie is a adorable 6 month old female hound/border collie mix.
 She is about 40-45 lbs. This gal lives up to her name! She is so
 sweet and just a doll! Sweetie is very friendly and loves to play!
She is the perfect dog for an active family!

ID 742
Abe is a fun-loving 1 year old male pit mix. He is about 45 lbs.
 This guy is fun on four paws! He loves to play and ALWAYS
 has his tail wagging! He is very friendly and loving! He would
 do great with an active family that has a yard for him to run around in :)

ID 7044--CAGE A20
Zelda is a gorgeous 4 year old spayed female
chow/shepherd/hound mix.
 She is about 45-50 lbs. Her former owners left
 her with someone else
to care for and they did not want her :( Despite all this
 she is a sweetie!
She is HOUSEBROKEN and can go home today!
She is very calm
and NEVER barks even when the other dogs do.
This girl is very
 well mannered! She is so friendly and just a lovable pooch!

ID 4394--CAGE D9
Ginger is a beautiful 1 year old female hound/boxer mix.
She is about 45 lbs. How sweet is her little face?!
This little girl is a survived being abandoned and now
deserves to find a loving home! She is very friendly
and outgoing! She has an upbeat attitude and loads of
charm! This girl is sure to put a smile of your face!
 Can you give her a forever home?

ID 4270--CAGE A9
Rusty really needs a chance! He is an4 year old
 spayed female chow/shepherd/
hound mix.
He is about 60 lbs. This poor boy lost his home and now
he doesn't understand why he is here :( He is a special case
because he needs an owner who has had experience working
 with dogs that have food aggression issues. This problem can
 be treated with time and patience. He needs a home without
cats or other large dogs. Poor Rusty has a lot of baggage
from years of not being worked with....He is a friendly boy who
 has a soft mellow personality. He would love to find a home
 where he could live out his golden years in peace!

ID 955--CAGE C4
Rocko is a handsome 3 year old male American Bull dog.
 He is about 50-60 lbs. This big guy is a love bug! He is very
 friendly and has a great temperament! He is active and loves
to run and play outside. He needs a home without cats.
This beautiful boy needs to find a loving home!

ID 963--CAGE D3
Moss is a 1-2 year old male hound mix. He is about 45 lbs.
 This sweetie is great! He still has a lot of pup left in him
because he is very playful and fun! He is super loving and
just wants to be next to you! He is a nice little dog who
 wants a home! He is playful and fun-loving! 
Great dog for an active family!

ID 950
Odie is a beautiful male 9 month old pit/dalmation mix.
He is about 45 lbs.
 How can you not fall in love with that face?!
 He was just adopted
and returned because he was not good with their cats :(
Poor Odie
just needs someone who is willing to work with him and teach him
 how to behave around cats. Preferably he needs a home without cats
. This boy just needs a chance! This guy is super friendly 
and outgoing!
He LOVES playing and is a big goofball! He is a
 sweetheart looking
 for a FOREVER home!

Erin Silks/Transport Coordinator, Rural Shelter Transports
Fairfax, VA

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