12/13/12 " Cece is part American Curl, an enchanting cat breed known for their warmth and playfulness. Urgent Cat. They Euth Daily.Manhattan Center NYC. CECE - ID# A0948792 I am an unaltered female, black and white American Curl Longhair mix."

"Manhattan Center

I am an unaltered female, black and white American Curl Longhair mix.
Manhattan Center

A volunteer writes: Lovely Cece has "Cece is young and friendly,
 keeps her kennel neat and clean, and when she sleeps she
 wraps herself into an adorable crescent shape at the very front
 of her kennel, ready to wake up and win over a potential new
 pet parent with her friendliness and gentle demeanor. Cece
 is part American Curl, an enchanting breed known for
 their warmth and playfulness. Can you be the one
 to make sure Cece doesn't spend another holiday 
without a loving home?

How to Adopt or Foster

If you are ready to save an animal from the NYC shelter,
 congratulations! You have made a wonderful decision!
You will see references to "SAFER" frequently. This is
 standardized behavior test intended to help predict possible
 future aggression in the home. Thank you for trying to 
save an NYC ACC animal and good luck!!

Here are the two ways you can adopt 

or foster an NYC ACC animal:

1. Adopt Directly from the Shelter 

 (no Fosters!)

You can adopt directly from the shelter but only healthy
 animals who have passed their SAFER are shown on the
 ACC website for adoption by the public. The shelter will 
adopt out to local and long distance adopters - but you must
 be able to go to the shelter in person. (Long distance is 
defined as more than a few hours driving one-way.)
Please note that once an animal fails its SAFER, it will be
 removed from the ACC website, and it may or may not
 remain in the shelter for the public to view and adopt if they
go there in person. If it is rated New Hope (NH) placement only,
 you cannot adopt the animal directly. You must work with
an approved NH partner rescue group. Once an animal is sick,
 it too may be removed from the ACC website for adoption  
and it may be moved to isolation out of public view.

2. Adopt or Foster an Animal With 

Help from a Rescue Group

As stated before, once an animal is sick or has failed it's SAFER, it will
 no longer appear on the ACC website for adoption but it will appear
 in our albums - Urgents, Super Urgents, and To Be Destroyed.
To foster or adopt one of these animals with a rescue group, you
 must work with one who is an approved ACC New Hope Partner.
Please note that most rescues prefer that animals on the To Be
 Destroyed list only be fostered or adopted by someone local
 (Tri-State/New England/PA/VA areas) because time is of the
 essence and home visits are often required by the rescue groups.

Whatever option you choose, please note

 the following:


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 Urgents and Super Urgent DOGS CATS


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