11/8/12»"More Dogs Dying in Cages at NYC AC. New York City, "We Have a Problem" – Shelters in Crisis (Part 1)

» New York City, "We Have a Problem" – Shelters in Crisis (Part 1)

NYC AC&C’s website proclaims that their mission is “to promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of pets and people in New York City.” Well, it looks like we can classify that as an Epic Fail. Or is it an Epic Lie?  It certainly has been an Epic Disaster of late.

For months now, and in ever-increasing numbers, we have seen dogs coming out of NYC AC&C’s shelters with respiratory illnesses which go above and beyond the regular run-of-the-mill kennel cough. Dogs have come out with combinations (co-infections) of adenovirus, mycoplasma cynos, pulmonary e coli infections, various pneumonias, and canine influenza in addition to the standard kennel cough bugs. The presence of each of these illnesses is scary enough on their own, but even more frightening is the fact that some animals are getting so sick they are not making it out alive. Recently, more and more dogs have been dying in their cages… left to suffer alone, and without appropriate medical care, their lungs slowly filling up with fluid until they can no longer provide their bodies with the oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange necessary to maintain life. A few days ago, little Nam was the latest in a too-rapidly growing list of victims.


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