11/23/12 "Charleston, WV: Gorgeous cats and kittens need rescue help!" Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association Charleston, WV

Fri Nov 23, 2012 6:58 am (PST) .

Please share -- this shelter is trying hard to help their animals
but they are packed to the gills.

Contact info:

Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association
Charleston, WV
KCHArescue@gmail.com (@gmail.com)
(304) 342-1576
Rescue/Adoption fee: $61.00, which includes spaying or
 neutering, first set of shots, worming, and rabies shot if
 the animal is old enough

These are only SOME of their wonderful cats and kittens!

ID 244
Stinky (I did not come up with the name!) is a 2 year old spayed
 female long haired ginger tabby. What a beauty! This girl was kept
 as an inside and outside cat. She is so soft and super friendly!
She is a very huggable cat! Stinky is sure to fit in purrfectly
 with your family :)

ID 239
Frosty is a beautiful adult male white cat who came in as a stray.
 This lovely guy is a regal boy. He is friendly and very laid back.
 He loves to lounge around and get petted! He is super swee
t and just a a great cat!

ID 684
Tony is a 1 year male tabby cat. He has the most striking markings!
 He looks a like a wild cat! He is so regal and sweet! He loves
to play and is very sweet. When I say he loves to play I mean
 it! He is a goofball!! He would do good in any home :)

ID 245
This adorable kitten is a 4 month old female black and white cat.
 This kitten is very gentle and laid back (if you could
 not tell from the photo :) )
She is so sweet and loves to curl up in your lap and purr.
 When you get her out she is also very playful!

ID 248
This cute gal is an adult spayed female black and white cat.
This cat has such lovely markings. She is very laid back
and gentle.
She would make a great reading/ tv watching/ hanging out buddy
She can go home today!

ID 286
This regal fella is a 2 year old neutered male who is declawed
on the front. This boy is wonderful! He loves to come over and
get lots of attention and just rub against your legs. He is super
 friendly and just an all around great cat! He is the perfect kitty
 for any family who wants a sweet, gentle, calm, loving cat!

ID 291
This beauty is a 2 year old female grey and white kitty.
 This girl is great! She is super playful and outgoing! She
 loves to get scratched and petted and just purrs and purrs.
She is sure to win over whoever meets her!

This handsome guy is a 1 1/2 year old neutered male
 Russian Blue cat. He was turned in because his former
owner had too many animals. He is a volunteer favorite!
He is just a big cuddle buddy! He is super sweet and just
 an awesome cat! He is very friendly and loves to be held.
 He is gorgeous and can go home today!

ID 326, 327, 328, 329
AWW! These little cuties are 6 week old kittens.
There is one female and 3 males. They are all so
cuddly and sweet! They loves to play and are
 really fun! These are funny kittens! :)

ID 293, 294, 295
These adorable kittens are 10 week old tabby and white cats
. There are 2 males and one female. All three of them are
a blast to play with! They love to run after your feet when
 you walk and just play and play and play! They are really
 outgoing and so funny!

ID 305
This cute gal is a 5 month old female tabby kitten. She
is adorable! She is very playful and adventurous! She
 loves people and is just a goofy kitten! She is
 sure to make you smile :)

This adorable kitten is a 9 week old torti. Not sure
if male or female. This baby is very outgoing and
 playful! He/she just wanted to rub up against me
and purr and purr! Such a sweetie!!

Awwww! This kitten is one of 5. These babies are 7
 week old tabby kittens. There are 2 males and 3 females.
 They are all super friendly and are so sweet! These kitties
 are playful and full of themselves :)
They will make excellent
additions to your family!

ID 316
This adorable kitten is a 10 week old male orange and
white cat. This baby is too sweet! He loves to cuddle
 and purr :) He is very friendly
and really needs a good home!

ID 303
This beauty is a 1 year old male orange tabby. He is
is so pretty!! He is very laid back and lovable! He likes
to be held and will just purr and purr :)
He is very friendly and needs a good home!

Erin Silks/Transport Coordinator, Rural Shelter Transports
Fairfax, VA

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