7/27/2012 Lucy came from a dog pound in West Virginia. She had a wood stick stuck in the hard pallet of her mouth. In June a vet in WV removed part of the bone and 2 teeth. THEN SHE WAS RETURNED TO THE DOG POUND. She needed help then...now a month later. She was transported to Saint Francis arriving at the vet at midnight Monday 7-23-12."

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Dear friends,

Every day I receive  dozens of requests for help for the innocent animals.  I know we can't save them all, as much as I wish we could, but I do pray for each and every one.  And together we are making miracles happen for many of them.  Thank you so very much for the happy endings you provide!!!  Every now and then I feel compelled to ask for donations for certain extraordinary organizations.  This is one of those times.  No amount is too small or too large.  St. Francis Animal Sanctuary takes in the most needy of all the animals. The Animal Sanctuary desperately needs some medical funds.  Below is all of the donation information for this wonderful, caring organization along with a couple of examples of their many patients.  They are a non profit 501c and so very deserving.  There is a number to call if you have any questions as well as a website where you can learn more.  They list three ways to make donations. 
Many thanks,
Barbara McKay

When I left Lucy at the vet it was midnight and I just picked her up from an emergency transport out of West Virginia. I got her from my van and as I handed her off to the technician I removed her collar. It was a pink "COACH" collar, real leather.
I said to myself .... Lucy you are such a lady.... I will hold this collar .... and when you  
are better ... you are going to wear it home from here.... with all the dignity and grace  
you deserve...that's all she has in life is a Coach collar and a hope & prayer to survive.

Lucy came from a dog pound in West Virginia.  She had a wood stick stuck in the hard pallet of her mouth.  In June a vet in WV removed part of the bone and 2 teeth. THEN  
SHE WAS RETURNED TO THE DOG POUND.   She needed help then...now a month later. 
She was transported to Saint Francis arriving at the vet at midnight Monday 7-23-12.  
She had surgery where the stick had rotted in her sinus cavity. Lucy had stopped eating  
a few days before and the foster mom in WV told me she drizzled some water in her mouth but that is all she could get in her.

Begin forwarded message:

PLEASE HELP!  We take the worst of the worst and the sickest of all.  We really need help with donations to pay our medical bills.

credit card donations to :  Avon Lake Animal Clinic 440-933-5297

U.S. mail:   12516 Cherry Rd. Vermilion OH 44089

We are a 501(c)3 non profit group.
any questions please feel free to call me 440-967-3610

Deborah Parker 

Saint Francis Animal Sanctuary Inc.
Vermilion, Ohio 44089

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