7/03/12 "Precious white boxer puppy to die in Texas" Abe J. Tuggle Animal Shelter and Adotpion Center Kills Dogs Daily. Disgraceful and Depresssing. Animals Pay When the Law ALLOWS THE DUMPING OF PETS AT SHELTERS. Help Stop the Killing . Rescue and adopt Deathrow Dogs and Cats. Advocate for NEW LAWS ABOUT PET OWNERSHIP!

 Each day dogs and cats die. Not from natural deaths or accidents but by the injection of lethal drugs into their precious innocent veins or they are shoved into gas chambers or heartsticked.  Think about how the tail will stop wagging (sweet trusting animals may not know what people can do to them) and the scared ones may tremble. The ones longing to live may be dragged to the  bump room. Really think about this.  No one can hide from what is done. The numbers are staggering.  If you don't want  these atrocities to go on please adopt, rescue, foster, get active in organizations that are changing the way shelter animals are treated. DO not make any more excuses for why euthing is done.  BE part of the change.

 See  Boxer's Video

Urgent Dogs and Cats Garland Texas HIGH KILL SHELTER

  Contact info. Also read the May 2012  monthly stats. It is shocking how many animals do not make it out. Just like in NYC too many animals  never leave alive.We as a society can do better.  Can't we?

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