6/15/12"BLM Conducting Helicopter Stampede in Jackson Mountains HMA During Peak Foaling Season " Inhumane Treatment of Pregnant Mares and Foals. The Abuse of America's Wild Horses Continues by the BLM. Let BLM Know What You Think. As a Citizen You HAVE THE RIGHT To Express Your Opinion and Vote Anyone Out of Office.

See what the Bureau of Land Management is doing. Tell everyone you know who loves horses and animals. Check out American Wild Horses Preservation Campaign. This is a dog/ cat rescue blog but  this is just another example of the cruelty inflicted on animals everywhere whether it is in factory farms or ineffective shelters. Many people refuse to see  what they are doing  to sentient beings. And there are many groups trying to enlighten them.

''Advocate says emergency muster needed; blames BLM''

"A well-known horse advocate racking up long miles to watch the Jackson Mountain emergency muster says the roundup is needed, but lays the blame on the Bureau of Land Management’s earlier inaction."

 It is the animals who suffer due to human indifference and irresponsibility. Let's all be part of the solution and help change the world for the better for all.

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