6/18/12 Protocol For Dogs and Cats Sold for Research. Know That Loving Dogs and Cats are Sold To Research Labs From Many Animal Shelters. They KILL These Dogs and Cats After They Are Done With Them. Read the Euthansia Protool and IF You Are NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE VOCAL TO STOP THE KILLINGS

 Euthanasia Protocol Research Animals.  I came upon this site by accident. It is yet another example of how animals are mistreated  by people. The use of live animals for research has been debated and many prestigious  medical school are  seeing the light, stopping the cruel  use of live animals and using computer models. They are aware of what little value the research on these pets is and have become more humane and innovative. Kudos to them.Will this disgusting method of scientific  inquiry ever end? You bet it will if we all take notice and say no more.
 Many times animals who are loving, docile and easy to  handle are the ones who are  mutilated and cut open among other things and killed when the experiments are done.I cannot ever condone this. Never. What is in  the the hearts of these people who break bones and harm these animals repeatedly in the name of science? To me they have completely lost any humanity and are so desensitized by their rational mind they have no  idea what they are doing.
 I knew a medical person who was asked to work with beagles that the scientist had purposely blinded. He could not do it and that is what all scientist need to do. Refuse to be  part of these atrocities. In the protocol it says euthanasia is performed when an animal is in  pain or distress. Well who caused this pain and distress? The dog or cat was not in that state before the scientists did all their dirty work and for what? Do you know toothpaste is tested on cats? There is  no torture here but often these cats are killed after the toothpaste experiments.  Cosmetic experiments on rabbits is another disgusting practice. Putting toxic substances in rabbits eyes as they are restrained  in some type of rigid box structure. Ask yourself, what has happened to the human heart/soul to the human's mind ability to  reason to do good?  What has happened to these people who in the name of  many absurd experiments abuse animals?
Allowed in the name of science

 The same thinking that animals are disposable objects for animal testing is partly the reason shelters are full of dogs and cats.

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