12/21/11 "URGENT !!!! Funds for the one's that were left behind..... All of these dogs are now urgent! "The HSUS was going to completely empty out ...

"All of these dogs are now urgent!
They are CRITICALLY urgent! The HSUS was going to completely empty out a shelter for us in time for the holidays but rather blamed us for being confused at their actual intention. These animals were left behind now to die! Where there was hope for all of them including the cats, there is none now! We were able to place 57 animals within 24 hours once we learned t...hat the HSUS was NOT emptying out the shelter. They were kind enough though to send this HUGE truck down (waste of donations) to transport the 12 dogs they ended up taking. The twelve dogs could have fit in a van! In addition to the 12 dogs on this big rig, one of our receiving rescues committed to 6 more (which we transported to them) and a very kind state director of the HSUS personally took 3 more just because!!! SO here we are, CAN YOU PLEASE HELP US SAVE THE REMAINING BABIES left to die now???"

Carpathia Paws Rescue

Licensed by the DOA of Georgia with 501(c)3 status

Licensed by the DOA in PA since November 2011

Animal rescue organization

For all those who are wondering how I came up with the name...

Carpathia began her voyage in 1903 and became famous for rescuing the survivors of RMS Titanic after the latter ship hit an iceberg and sank on 15 April 1912.Carpathia is the only ship that was able to pick up survivors of the Titanic."At 4:00am, Carpathia arrived at the scene after working her way through dangerous ice fields. Carpathia took on 705 survivors"...



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