3/5/10 Male Terrier Dies Friday Morganstown WV Please Contact Deb If You Can Help

URGENT! 10 yr old blonde terrier Morgantown WV DIES TOMORROW!
Posted by: "Trish" SaveTheDogs@rcn.com themcd1998
Thu Mar 4, 2010 11:51 am (PST)

Rescues, this cutie-patootie is on the euth list! Can anyone commit to him? He's not that big...only 30 lbs. Good with other dogs & people. Doesn't have to be for this weekend's trans...just need a commitment before he's killed TOMORROW! BEGGING!

Contact is Debra: DLTsgs@aol.com

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We have a 10 yr old, ~ 30 lb, in tact male terrier in Morgantown, WV - Animal Friends of North Central WVa.
He's fine with other dogs and friendly to us humans. Seems to have cataracts.
His owner turned him in knowing the chances of a 10 yr old dog surviving a kill shelter are very slim.

He has until Friday.
Can anyone help him or speak for him?



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