UPDATE 5/19/20 3/12/10 Georgia’s Animal Haven in Bryan County, GA desperately needs help!!! And a Pro Bono Attorney. Neighbors Complaining about barking dogs. Many dogs who would be killed are helped by this rescue.

ALL: This is a desperate situation.  You've seen a posting from me regarding the below about 5 weeks ago.  NOTHING came of it.  Debbie and her Animal Haven are in dire straits.  All of her dogs will be picked up by the county and euthanized if she can't manage to either get them all placed before August, is able to move to a new location by August, or can get a DARNED GOOD lawyer.  If anyone has ANY idea how to help Debbie, PLEASE contact her at either 912-228-4652 or at wll9deb@aol.com. 
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Georgia's Animal Haven is  located in Pembroke GA,  just outside Savannah, GA.  She has about 50 dogs who are in desperate need of rescue. Her neighbor has taken her to court because of barking dogs. The court has given her about 2 months to place these dogs. She has many very adorable adoptable dogs and she has done a great job socializing them  Most of these dogs are UTD on vaccines and spayed or neutered. Most of them are housebroken and very good with people and other dogs.   Instead of listing each and every dog, please take a look at her Petfinder website.
CONTACT:  DEBBIE LANIER at  912-228-4652 or at wll9deb@aol.com 

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Georgia’s Animal Haven in Bryan County, GA desperately needs help!!!
There are only 2 women running Georgia’s Animal Haven in Bryan County, GA – Debbie Lanier and Meike Wilder.  They are working against all odds in this rural area and their lives TRULY revolve around the dogs they care for.  Debbie and Meike are the kind of rescuers who take in dogs many other rescues say “NO” to.  Amity, below, is a perfect example.  Sweet Amity, a Bully mix riddled with mange and an ugly past, would have never made it out of Liberty County Animal Control had it not been for Debbie and Meike.  They see what’s on the inside, not just the outside, which is often battered and bruised, as many of us know.  Besides Amity, there are a few more pictures of dogs that they saved from Liberty County Animal Control and most of them were mangy when they first took them in.  Three of them had already been scheduled for euthanasia the day that Meike came to their rescue...  Some of the pictures were taken at Georgia's Animal Haven and other's at Meike's or Debbie's house where the dogs recover before being introduced to the pack.
Debbie’s only close neighbor is THREATENING TO PUT AN END TO THE RESCUE AND THEREFORE THE LIVES OF SIXTY DOGS!!!  The neighbor recently pressed charges against Debbie Lanier for noise disturbance – even though the neighbor’s own dogs sometimes cause the disturbance, as they run free and often come on Debbie’s property at night, causing Debbie’s rescue dogs to bark. 
Court took place March 3rd.  The judge’s ruling was that Debbie has to "do something" about her barking dogs.  In her own words the judge said Debbie is to pay $3600 to the County at the next court date unless her neighbors are “happy” with what has been done by then.  If that’s the case, Debbie is to “only” pay $1800!  The court date to determine which amount Debbie has to pay, and whether the neighbors are “happy” or not, is taking place April 21st.  That’s only 5 weeks away and Debbie and Meike are devastated and don’t know what to do.  To make matters worse (or better yet, the worst) it was discussed that the dogs may have to be euthanized if Debbie cannot find a solution to the problem. 
Debbie and Meike are desperate for help!!!  As most rescuers, they barely get by with the funds they have, which are needed for feeding, spaying, neutering, vaccinating, medicating and so much more for all of the dogs in their care.  They need help now, before it's too late.  Below is what Debbie and Meike are hoping for. 
·       FIRST AND FOREMOST, Debbie and Meike are praying that an ATTORNEY will come foreward or can be found who would be willing to take on this case pro-bono!  Debbie would like to take this case to Superior Court and NOT have to pay a fine if at all possible.  Do you know of an attorney who would be willing to go the extra mile?
·       Next, the dogs are currently housed in out-door kennels where every little noise can be heard.  Please donate building materials to allow for the kennels to be closed in as soon as possible.  This would help tremendously!
·       Of course monetary donations are always more than welcome.  This will allow the rescue to purchase building materials.  Of course you would receive a receipt for your donation.
·       If you can think of anything else that may help the rescue deal with this situation, PLEASE contact Debbie at 912-228-4652.
If you need further explanation on any of this, please contact Debbie at:
Georgia's Animal Haven
171 Deloach Church Connector
31321 Pembroke
BEFORE – Amity At Liberty County Animal Control:
AFTER – amity At Meike’s home:
more pooches that escaped the clutches of a kill facility but are now in danger again: "

Please remember to Spay/Neuter your pet.  The number one cause of death in healthy animals in the US is euthanasia. Please adopt!


Kristen Piersa said...

What's the update on this case?

Elizabeth said...

I don't know, Kristen. If anyone does please post. Also you can write the group.

E said...

Posted update. All animals are in danger. Still needs lawyer. Read update on this post or 5/19/10 post.