6/19/17 Cat Lovers Needed. Do You Want to Help Cats and Kittens in Need? Abandoned Cats Need Food Sponsors, Adopters. Many are Friendly and Desperate..Be a Foster. Be a Feeder. TNR Boston Massachusetts." We are overwhelmed with cats, kittens sick and injured ones also. We need more help. We need fosters please help by sharing. 4 · June 17 '' Bostons Forgotten Felines

I'll never forget the  homeless cats who I've met going through the dumpster. Crying to people who ignored them and hanging around  buildings to get fed scraps by kindhearted people. One in particularly kept screaming until he was noticed and taken in, another kept trying to get in the front door when people walked in the building. He was desperate to get out of the cold and be with people. Another kept walking on the ledge outside the window until he was taken in. Another older tabby was sick, did not eat or drink when food was offered by people until a rescuer came and got him.
 Boston's Forgotten Felines helps cats like these and ferals who need help.

" Throughout the city of Boston there is a population of feral and abandoned cats suffering homeless lives. We are a group of dedicated caretakers who feed, TNR (trap, neuter, return), and rehome friendly cats. We believe education is the key to decrease and one day prevent animals from being homeless. End the Cycle: Spay / Neuter your pets and stop abandoning them."









A few cats who were abandoned and on the street for years . They are now safe with BFF. Please help BFF get more cats in need off the streets of Boston Massachusetts and also help care for ferals who are ferals because a person did not neuter or spay their pets and then abandoned them. Many cats on the street were peoples' pets. They left them behind when they moved or threw them outside when they no longer wanted them. Now animal lovers are the ones to make things right for these cats. Be part of the solution not part of the problem. Fosters, adopters, sponsors and feeders are urgently needed.

Boston's Forgotten Felines Rescued this Abandoned Cat. Thank you BFF.
 Please support this life saving work.
On the streets of Boston for years. Not anymore!

"So it turns out that Nick our rescue who wandered the streets of Dorchester for years begging for food, sleeping under porches in the winter getting beaten and sickly while residents of the community did nothing year after year to help him but give him a name, is a friendly boy.
All he needed was some good TLC and a trip to the Vet all gladly give to him from Bostons Forgotten Felines and the Feral Cat Warriors." -


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