11/21/16 Syrian Cat Shelter Bombed. The Cat Man of Aleppo. Are You Ashamed to Be a Human Being? Power Hungry Rulers. Feuding Religious Groups. Kill Children in Children's Hospital and Cats In Syria. Will People Ever Wake Up? Who Bombs a Cat Sanctuary or Hospital? Isn't It Time We ALL Became RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS OF THE PLANET. The Bombers Murdered a Dog Named Hope With Their Bombs? Is Killing Cats and Children and Starving People the Way To Create Peace. The Indiscriminate Bombing of Hospitals, Daycare Centers, and Animal Shelter Must Stop. Did the Bombers Know They Were Killing Cats and Children? If They Did and Didn't Care... You Fill in the Blank.

I don't mean to upset anyone but then again maybe we all need to get more upset, to hold leaders more accountable. Not all were animals killed in Aleppo but  hospitals were bombed, children died. The  city is in rubble. When will man learn this never solves a thing. The problem is human consciousness,
Please do all the good you can where you live. Let the better side of human nature flourish.
Do an act of kindness and donate to any of the many causes where people are helping people and people are helping animals. Remember all the Hopes Killed in war torn countries. Hope looked like such a great dog. RIP.
 I will get back to posting dogs and cats in shelters.





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