10/26/16 "Where will they go or get fed when it snows? The black and white and orange and white could possibly come in and live as house pets but will be frightened at first and need time to adjust but most shelters don't want that kind of cat and I don't have the space for them. These guys I believe might have been someone's pet a long time ago. The tabby is definitely a feral but is getting used to me and doesn't run off anymore. We need more people or shelters willing to take these cats and give them the time they need to adjust or they will stay out on the streets living the lousy lives they live. Winter is here and soon the snow will be too." Forgotten Felines of Boston. Please Help the Cats.

 While we are safe and warm in our homes in the winter these cats come out in the middle of the night to be fed by compassionate people. Some are house pets abandoned by heartless owners. Others are  offspring of the abandoned cats.  Please contact Bostons Forgotten Felines if you can provide help for one of these cats whether  a feral or just  a frightened and abandoned cat. They need to be fed daily and have shelter from the cold and snow in order to survive. They are victims of man's inhumanity.   Those of us who value compassion for all beings whether two or four footed need to step up and  transform this world of ours into a place of peace and harmony or as close to that as we can get as human beings.


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