6/7/16 Stop Abandonning Your Cats, People. Organizations like Boston's Forgotten Felines Feed About 200 Cats Each Night. Many Are Friendly Cats Whose Owners Dumped Them. See Video of One Feeder Who Feeds These Precious Cats Starting at 1 AM. This is the Only Meal These Cats Have Each Day.

New Website For Boston's Forgotten Felines.  Seeing the cats run out to the food in the dark makes me think each person who dumped their cats needs to be charged with animal cruelty. We know this won't happen. Irresponsible cat owners continue to flood the street with their actions.  The  cats suffer, the babies born outside become feral. Why is it that those who act in this way are free to live their lives and continue to create chaos in society and create so much heartache and misery for the cats? I don't have an answer except that  perhaps we as a society allow these behaviours, encourage them by making personal responsibility a thing of the past.

 Boston's Forgotten Felines
Contact: Joni 
E-mail: bffcatrescue@gmail.com

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