4/1/16 Fast and Furriest 5K Sunday May 22, 2016, Massachusetts MSPCA. Donate in Honor of Frank the Cat (Read Frank's Success Story)and All Animals in Need.

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 This is from  an e-mail. Read Frank's story and Please Support
  the Animals by Supporting This Worthy Event.

"Hi, Friends:

Once a year I ask for your support. Usually it is for the Walk for Animals,
 but this year we're rolling out a new event, the Fast & Furriest. I'm so
excited to see it come to fruition and think that it will be a tremendous
 success (and tons of fun)! I'm writing today to ask for your support
as I raise money for a cause that I care deeply about.

This year I'm participating in honor of Frank, a cat that defied
 the odds and survived life as a stray - for months - after
 being hit by a car. Eventually he landed at Nevins Farm
and I'm so proud to say that we didn't give up on him. To us,
 he wasn't just a stray cat - or just a very broken cat - he was
a cat that we could help have a better life (though it took 4
surgeries and lots of TLC) and that's just what we did.
It's what we do for a lot of cats like Frank, day in and day out.

We've got a big, big goal for this event and I need your help
so that we can reach it. Any donation of any size is a true gift
 to us and to the animals that we care for - and one that
I'll be incredibly grateful for. Please consider supporting my
efforts today - or joining us for the event!


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