8/3/15 In Case You Didn't Know- About Horse Slaughter and the Racing Industry. If You Are A Fan of the Racetrack Perhaps Reconsider Which Tracks You Support

 This is a rescue blog for dogs and cats.  I also post info  about horses once in a while.  What is happening to these animals in the name of money is pretty pitiful interms of what it says about human nature. Pure Bred Race Horses are sent to slaughter as well as other horses that have outlived their usefulness or are too costly to keep. I wouldn't advice viewing what happens to these horses at slaughter on a You Tube Video. It is better that you don't hold the image in your mind or is it? As Americans many of us have grown too  complacent about lots of things as long as we have our needs met and a big screen TV. All I can say is every life matters.

 Making money for a business person, one day. Next day  chopped meat.

Look at what happened tp Deputy Broad. He looked like a gorgeous horse
  So much for caring about your horse. American Horses Must Not Be Sent to Canada or anywhere to be slaughtered.



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