4/14/15"Jonesboro GA ~EUTH BEGINS at 9AM~Cutest Pitbulls~Shepherds~Hounds. Affectionate Loving Dogs Will Be Taken to the Kill Room And Euthed. These Innocent Dogs Deserve Our Help and to Live Out Their Natural Lives. Clayton Cty Animal Control. Please Help STOP the Killing of Homeless Dog and Cats at Animal Pounds and Shelters. These Dogs Are Not Criminals. People and the System HAVE FAILED THEM! Watch Videos;FOSTERS NEEDED

" This is a crosspost. Please put the links in your browers to see these dogs and help save a life.
 Chico was dumped here by his owner.#150807
"CHICO" Mix Adult Male *Neutered Intake 3-20-15 ~~ Available NOWOWNER
RELEASE (aka "Owner Dump") - owner says dog has skin allergies

*The horror of the Kill Room awaits these trusting innocents.*

*No #1 on April 13th Kill List Longest held. Big Smile! Very
Affectionate.URGENT This boy is very sweet and loves attention. He wants
nothing but a nice comfy bed and an owner that will love him the rest of
his life. Please come and meet this boy for yourself, we are sure you won't
be disappointed.#150774 Pit Mix Adult Male with Pointer??Intake 3-16-15 ~~
Available 3-19-15 His Video shows how sweet he is:
Networking Saves Lives! PLEASE DO NOT POST TO CRAIGSLISTPlease contact the
shelter or the person(s) listed belowPlease do not hit “reply”.Pound Full
and will have no choice but to Euthanize unless a miracle happens and these
dogs are either rescued or adopted. Please help us network more of these
dogs.Brittni DanielsRescue CoordinatorRescue.Coordinator@co.clayton.ga.us
<Rescue.Coordinator@co.clayton.ga.us> (at co.clayton.ga.us
<http://co.clayton.ga.us>)Clayton County Animal Control Unit1396 Government
CircleJonesboro, GA 30236770-477-3509 <770-477-3509> (Office)ALL AVAILABLE
Dogs and Longest Stay Album ~ These dogs are certain to be on the Kill List
but the average number killed has been about 20 per
Make sure you have the identification number of the animal(s) that you are
inquiring about readily available. Please understand that although we may
refer to our animals by names that may have affectionately been given to
them, our records are kept by the numbers assigned to them upon entering
our facility. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter. If you can
rescue any of them ~ as early as possible: contact: Brittni Daniels- rescue
coordinator rescue.coordinator@co.clayton.ga.us
<rescue.coordinator@co.clayton.ga.us>Sgt Tracy
Jakes***tracy.jakes@co.clayton.ga.us <rescue.coordinator@co.clayton.ga.us>
<rescue.coordinator@co.clayton.ga.us> (at co.clayton.ga.us
<http://co.clayton.ga.us>) Capt Andre Jackson
andre.jackson@co.clayton.ga.us <andre.jackson@co.clayton.ga.us> (at
co.clayton.ga.us <http://co.clayton.ga.us>) 770-477-3509 <770-477-3509>
770-603-4199 <770-603-4199> (fax)Regular Business Hours: Mon - Sat 8:00 am
- 4:00 pm or ****After regular hours, by appointment only, Tues - Fri 4:00
pm - 10:00 pm by calling Sgt. Jakes at 678-618-2548 <678-618-2548>. 1396
Government Circle, Jonesboro, Georgia 30236. at the corner of GA. Hwy 138 @
Government Circle. Jonesboro GA is just 20 minutes south of downtown
Atlanta. They are behind the Clayton County Police Department Headquarters
Building.Hours : Mon - Fri: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST Sat: 8:00 am - 3:00
pClayton County Animal Control ON FACEBOOK:
<https://www.facebook.com/ClaytonCountyAnimalControl1?fref=nf>Rescues -
Check this page also for pledges: Hounds in Pounds
ONLY BREEDS are Pitbulls, Chows, and Rottweilers, breeds more likely to be
abused, are rescue only in this county. ) IN STATE (GA) ADOPTERS - If you
are in GA and interested in this pet please contact a licensed GA rescue
group that can assist you in pulling this animal. We work very closely with
TLC Pet Rescue, Safe Harbor Rescue and Courtney's Canine Care just to name
a few. OUT OF STATE ADOPTERS - If located out of state and interested in
this pet please contact a rescue group that is in your state. The out of
state rescue groups can then get in contact with a rescue here in GA that
can pull the dog for their group. It is between the two groups to
coordinate transportation of the pet to your location. *When working with
any rescue group a screening is typically required prior to adopting a dog
or cat. — at Clayton County Animal Control.No #2 on April 13th Kill
ListGenerous pledges for approved rescue. Looks just like mine who just
wants to cuddle and be a lap dog all the time.#150786 Pit Bull Adult Male
Intake 3-17-15 ~~ Available 3-24-15
#3 on April 13th Kill List - Chico was dumped here by his owner.#150807
"CHICO" Mix Adult Male *Neutered Intake 3-20-15 ~~ Available NOWOWNER
RELEASE (aka "Owner Dump") - owner says dog has skin
#4 on April 13th Kill ListOwner dumped this beautiful ivory colored boy!
Now he will be killed and thrown into a landfill #150808 Pit Bull 3-4 year
old Male Intake 3-20-15 ~~ Available NOW ~~ RESCUE ONLY-
#5 on April 13th Kill ListURGENT - LONGEST STAY #150809 Pit Mix Adult Male
Intake 3-20-15 ~~ Available
#6 on April 13th Kill List An all white dog with a black tail - how cute is
that?URGENT - LONGEST STAY #150812 Pit Mix Adult Intake 3-20-15 ~~
#6 on April 13th Kill ListSkinny little guy who has obviously not been well
taken care of - will that plus death in a pound be all he sees of life? He
deserves so much more.URGENT - LONGEST STAY #150824 Pit Bull Adult Male
Intake 3-21-15 ~~ Available
#7 on April 13th Kill ListKILL Day Monday - this poor boy could use a photo
showing him a little more relaxed but being in Animal Control is anything
but relaxing for most dogs.#150828 Hound Mix Adult Male Intake 3-21-15 ~~
#8 on April 13th Kill List#150837 Shepherd Mix Adult Female Intake 3-23-15
~~ Available 3-26-15
#9 on April 13th Kill List#150848 Pit Bull Adult Male Intake 2-24-15 ~~
Available 2-27-15 ~~ RESCUE ONLY-
#10 on April 13th Kill List#150855 Pit Bull Adult Female Intake 3-25-15 ~~
Available NOW ~~ -RESCUE
from CCAC: Clayton County Animal Control
<https://www.facebook.com/ClaytonCountyAnimalControl1> -WE NEED YOUR
HELP-We are reaching out to rescues, networkers as well as the general
public for immediate help in getting as many animals as possible out of our
shelter by Monday April 13th. With the change in season and increased
temperatures, we are experiencing an influx of dogs coming into the shelter
with room quickly diminishing. We need more rescues to step up and pull
from our shelter. The majority of dogs at our shelter are Pit Bulls or Pit
Bull Mixes, between the age of 1-3 years and are very friendly (These are
the guys we need the most help with), however each and every dog that can
be pulled matters. We need assistance, and the only way we can beat the
odds is with your help. Please help them by helping us. Working together
saves lives.See Also : Urgent Dogs and Longest Stay (more than these will
BUT NOT FORGOTTEN because this high kill shelter chooses not to keep a
Rainbow Bridge album:

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