3/17/15 Whiskers Six Year Old Tabby Cat Dumped by Owner at Kill Shelter is NEXT on EUTH LIST- SiIGNED OFF TO BE KILLED Because of LANDLORD ISSUES- See His Video. Not Sure if He is Alive or What.. URGENT CATS OF TAMPA FLORIDA

Can you imagine having a home for 6 years and then being dumped in a kill shelter? Whiskers is scared. He should be. This is a kill shelter. Check out his video. Not sure what has happened to him.  It happens all the time.  People need to feel ashamed. Not a constructive feeling but maybe the shame will help them find another way to re-home their pets besides dumping them at kill shelters. And the landlord needs to know what his actions have done. Whiskers is a big tabby boy and he is next on the euth list. Landlord issues! Honestly where are peoples' hearts. Its like a divorce where the kids are the victims of differences. Couldn't this landlord resolve the conflict in a different way. I don't know the story but it seems killing a healthy cat is not the answer. I hope Whiskers gets help.

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