2/6/15 Is it Only Money That Makes The World Go Round? In Terms of Medical Care For People, Cats and Dogs In Many Cases It Seems So. So Sad. Shelter Kitty Has Sponsors. Little Kitty Got Sick in Shelter. More Pledges Needed to Save HIs Sweet Young Life. Rome Georgia Floyd Cty AC. I Don't Know How They Euth Here But FB Post Say This Young Orange Tabby Cat is In Danger of Euth. He NEEDS MONEY, ADOPTION, RESCUE, FOSTER ASAP. See His Picture. Please Help. Cats Often Get Sick in Shelters and If Loving People Do Not Help They Are Euthed. Can You Imagine If People Were Euthed Because of a Cold or UTI? Let's Show a Little Love Here. This Cat AND the World Need Every Drop of Love We Can Muster.

"Please help!! We need more pledges to save this sweetie before he is euthed. One of our volunteers found today that he is very sick with a URI. He did receive a shot of penicillin but his breathing is raspy, he is sneezing and he has a lot of mucus coming from his mouth. This is also the poor baby that had his whiskers cut off. This is very cruel to a cat because they judge everything with their whiskers. This poor baby needs out ASAP! Time is of the essence here. He has $123 in pledges now but needs more due to health conditions. Thank you!!!!" Networking Group on FB

 " Sweet, young orange and white kitty! Please adopt, rescue, share, and pledge!
Color: Orange Or Red (Mostly)
Age: Young
Sex: Male
ID#: 0066"


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