11/14/14 Is this True The Humane Society in Bradenton Florida Does Not Do Homechecks for dogs or cats? Read About Sydney the dog's Journey.

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 This is a crosspost- Sydney does  have a home. Read to the end of post.

*Friends, if you can help ending Sidney's nightmare, please contact
Van Dell, Executive Director of The Humane Society in Bradenton,
FL. at **Ph
# (941) 747-8808 <%28941%29%20747-8808>.*

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From: Marjolein Klaui <mdklaui@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Nov 11, 2014 at 2:33 PM
To: Diana Diamond <ddiamondt@comcast.net>

*This is really upsetting. Please do something. *
*This beautiful Sidney's owner and companion died.
 Sidney was in
mourning. She was given to someone who appeared to
 be nice, which
gave Sidney hope and trust that things would be good.
Then the woman
returned her because her CAT didn't like Sidney.
 It takes a little while
for animals to adjust, and then they are sleeping on
the bed together!
But, no, Sidney, the bereaved dog was returned. *

*Now THIS is what really is sickening.*
*The Humane society violated this dog's protection,
 trust and safety by
sending her to a family WITH THREE CHILDREN
  AND CATS. Sad to say, children
were once polite, taught to respect and protect animals,
Children badger and torment animals. Sidney** was
dumped into a home full of children and cats, and this dog
 would not have
snapped or nipped without extreme provocation.*
*Please save this dog, because due to the poor judgement
  and horrible
choice of where this trusting, sweet girl was placed, now she is in
danger. *

*Can and will the "Humane Society" that made this
  abominable mistake in
placement be trusted to protect and help this dog?*

*Friends, if you can help ending Sidney's nightmare,
 please contact **Amy
Van Dell, Executive Director of The Humane Society
 in Bradenton, FL. at **Ph
# (941) 747-8808 <%28941%29%20747-8808>.*

Friends, I am beside myself. The nightmare for "Sidney"
 doesn't seem to
end. And my fear she might be dumped once again, has
come true. *And this
all because The Humane Society adopted her AGAIN
without doing a homecheck
to a family with 3 kids AND cats*.They did not get along
, and according to
the "adopter" Sidney growled at his wife and bit one of the kids!

This is incomprehensible to me, because "Sidney" was known
at the shelter
as the most mellow dog one can wish for. I spent many
 hours with Sidney at
the shelter, and believe me, NOT the slightest sign of
whatsoever. In the contrary, all she did was showering
 one with love and
affection. The transporter who drove her to Jacksonville
 was completely in
love with her sweet disposition. One wonders what
happened at her new
"home" that Sidney felt threatened and acted so
completely different.

Fact is that the "adopter" will return her and now sweet
Sidney, will most
likely get labeled "dangerous&quot;. We all know
what this means.
Just the thought HOW very confused this swee
t girl must be, is killing me.

*SIDNEY's History:* 1) Dumped at shelter
after her owner died. 2) Adopted
and dumped again (after 2 days) because the
 cat didn't like Sidney.
3) adopted and dumped *once again* (!!!!)
TO GO THROUGH ?????????
*Talking about UNFAIR TREATMENT of
an helpless animal by The Humane Society
who is supposed to handle in her best interest.
 They failed her miserably!*

*If you can help this very unlucky girl, and give her
a final HOME, please
contact The Humane Society at 941 747-8808
 <941%20747-8808> in
Bradenton/Fl. (PLS keep on calling, they are
 "not good" in answering

Best regards, Marjolein.

Friends, for those who don't know yet......SIDNEY has been adopted. She was
transported last Thursday by *Pet Rescue North *
from Bradenton to
Jacksonville Beach, FL. and arrived safely at her
new home.

I just hopeed wholeheartedly that this time Sidne
y hit the Jackpot she so
Unfortunately the Humane Society doesn't
 do home checks. Because of this,
Sidney has been a victim as she was returned
 the last time..
But again, The Humane Society adopted Sidney
 out "in good faith" to
Jacksonville Beach. No physical home check
 was done.

Several people *in our area* were seriously
 interested in adopting Sidney,
which would have made a transport unnecessary.
Unfortunately The Humane
Society didn't seem to be interested and denied
requests, and/or didn't
answer phone calls. I received phone calls from
 people regarding Sidney,
complaining that they were unable to get through
and talk to a "real"
person. Very unprofessional and not really
 accommodating for the ones who
are so much in need of their help (!)

Let's hope that Sidney is enjoying her new home to
 the fullest, and will
live happily ever after!

*A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who
 networked sweet Sidney !!!!*

Best regards, Marjolein.

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