7/1/14 "3 Wilson, NC _Shelter Animals Need immediate RESCUE from gassing shelter" See Sweet Kittens and cats and GREAT ADULT DOGS . They NEED YOU TO Save them from Death.

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From:Kristin   Sent:Friday, June 27, 2014 4:57 PM Subject: Wilson, NC Shelter Animals - Need
We have
some dogs and cats that need your help! We are a very small shelter with limited
space that fills up VERY QUICKLY!
If you can
rescue or sponsor any of these sweethearts, please let me know ASAP!
We can
provide temp foster in our area, as well as help with transport.
If you
can’t help, please at least crosspost for them.
We would
love to see each of these animals have a second chance at life on the outside of
the shelter. They all deserve it and are all very loving!
This is
our happy, happy girl, Ginger!! She is 10 months old and was surrendered
by her family who could “no longer keep her.” She pulled up to the shelter with
her little best friend in the back seat, the family’s small child! She is
people, kid, and dog friendly and we will gladly test her with cats if needed!
This girl has a big heart and she would make a great addition to any home.
This is
sweet Cecilia! She is a 1-2 year old shepherd mix (maybe..? haha). She is
a fun-loving gal who wants to be a part of anything you do! She is incredibly
dog and people friendly! We can test her with cats also if needed. Simply
adorable. Love her little pink nose. – Cecilia came in as a stray 5 days ago and
has not been reclaimed. She appears well taken care of!
Meet Teddy.. a 2-3 year old male shepherd mix! This boy is full of kisses and
isn’t afraid to share them! He’s soft and fuzzy .. and is good with the other
soft and fuzzies! Will test with cats if needed. So cute with that one ear up,
one down look…
Like the
sweet, shy, and pregnant type? This is your girl! Meet Mulan! We have no
idea what breed she is, but she’s precious all the same. Those little ears stand
up like that all the time!
note: This little chick-a-dee looks like she may have babies coming soon!!
If you
rescue pregnant dogs or know anyone who does, please let us know.. we would love
to get her somewhere more comfortable before the little ones
This is Bee-Bee. She is scared to death by all the commotion in the shelter. The
other dogs and some love from the shelter staff seem to be her only comfort.
She’s a relatively small girl that we feel will open up once she’s in a loving,
home environment. A little diamond in the ruff…
Below are
our cats in need of rescue –
Our little
kittie committee – they are about 8-9 weeks old.
2 Little
sisters – they are about 8-9 weeks old also and love each other, as well as
other cats.
Mortitia –
she’s a little lover when she wants to be!
Poppins – She’s about 2 years old and came in with babies, but they didn’t make
it :(
Do you
need more info than this photo? Oh my goodness, what a cute
L. Brinson
County Sheriff's Office
East Green Street
Box 1666
NC 27894
Phone: (252) 265-5967
Fax: (252) 399-2871"

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