11/14/13 "Hospice Foster Home Needed For Kellum Dying Dog Saved From Los Angeles California Shelter. He is in Rescue and is Handsome and Sweet. Please Give Him a Little Bit of Happiness for His Remaining Days.. See video of Him at Home Depot Wagging His Tail.

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Published on Nov 12, 2013
www.pcdogrescue.orgIn rescue we all experience constant heartbreak, but we don't have time to stop and grieve. Those who work with the public shelters see the animals getting killed and those animals who are lucky enough to be rescued often wait for their forever homes for years. They don't fit the public expectations either because of age, breed, behavior or they just don't have the "look" that people want.

KELLUM is a dog who was saved from the shelter in the nick of time, but he never got adopted even though he is handsome, sweet, and has received professional obedience training at our rescue. The staff at our rescue ADORES him. He doesn't have any behavioral issues that have prevented adoption from our rescue (http://www.pcdogrescue.org), he's just one of those dogs that gets overlooked. Kellum LOVES people. He is a very stable dog, always happy and always wagging his tail. He's a real snuggle bunny.

Unfortunately, we received devastating news: KELLUM IS DYING! He has a cancerous tumor that is growing out of his ribs (5 ribs are affected), into his spine and pushing on his esophagus and lungs!!!!!! Kellum only has a few weeks to live before the tumor is going to cause too much pain or difficulty swallowing and he has to be euthanized.



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