6/12/13 "Anyone who has ever been to the Shelter, looked into the sad eyes of those pets that will die from the lack of love, cannot help but want to do something. But I cannot do it alone." Carol H Vierela, Founder - Nash County Animal Friends, Nashville, NC" Kittens Urgent, Little Babies on Deathrow. Pleae LOOK at THESE Dogs, Puppies, Cats and Kittens (Just Beginning Life) and Adopt or Rescue. Your Generosity and Caring CAN SAVE Their Lives. Don't Turn Away, Please.

"We have changed the fact that Nash County Animal Control Shelter killed over 200 pets a month when we started. Sad to say, at the beginning 60% of the pets were killed in the gas chamber. They did some humane injections, for babies and pregnant moms (plus a few others). We worked to eliminate the gas chamber, changing the killing to humane injection (not heart stick). The gas chamber has not been used on dogs or cats since January 2013! Our goal is to NOT have adoptable pets killed by ANY method!"
  This kitten is one of many on deathrow.


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