10/13/12 ANIMAL RESCUES, ADOPTERS Adoptable Pets Nashville, N.C. : Small Kill Shelter. All Dogs and Wonderful Cats, Kittens Puppies URGENT. No SPACE. How Can We Allow This Anywhere? Support Responsible Pet Ownership and Help Pet Owners KEEP THEIR PETS.

"ALL of the pets listed are URGENT and at Risk of Death if not adopted or rescued quickly.
Since we are so small, the turn-around time is swift!
PLEASE DO NOT WAIT!" from website 
 All they want is a loving safe  home and a person to call their own. 

Nash County Animal Shelter
921 North First St. Extension (Red Oak Hwy)
Nashville, NC 27856

Phone: (252) 459-9855
Email: AnimalShelter@nashcountync.gov 

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